Reiki Energy Plus

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Sometimes you are walking along a path and you are stopped by the goodness of a being or a view. Your breath is taken away by the sheer strength of goodness of some beings. The infinity of giving of the energy, say, of a tree when you lean against it, rest your hands on its barky skin. Or take Amma, for example, the hugging saint.

She starting healing and hugging people when she was around 14, I think.
By now, just through that one act, repeated thousands and thousands of times, she has healed and encouraged giving at a level that has created homes and schools and hospitals and meals for countless people.

They say before the Tsunami, she asked a follower to led the cattle to the hills. The fellow wondered how he was going to lead this big horned bull. But he went up to the bull and touched his head and said “In the arms of Amma,” and the bull and the herd followed him easily. That’s the story anyway.

My grandmother gave me a framed needlepoint instruction once:
Count no day finished
Whose low descending sun
Counts not by thy hand
Some worthy action done.