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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Saging the drummers.


NY Shamanic Druming Society in Central Park

This is a Lakota water blessings ceremony I went to a week or so ago. This man with the rattle, had been a sundancer. A beautiful red-tailed hawk flew over.


Morning Walk.

I am so grateful.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Natural Blessings

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Recommended Reading

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Picture of flying Buddha after ancient Tibetan paintings

Still today, in monasteries high in the Himalayas there are Buddhist monks who can bi-locate it is reported. Something we’d like to work on.


Aspects of Living

Some aspects of living just tickle our senses, make us glad and keep us searching.
In honoring life, it’s okay to honor the quirky, the momentarily delicious, the sometimes nuttiness of Now. This is the instant! Yippee.

Found scapes and objects allowed! I sure do wish I could bilocate.


Natural Blessings

There will be some tales to tell, certainly, but for now some images of life, color and energy. After all, we are all connected- like the turtle in Mary Oliver’s poem of the same name:

…..she knows
she is part of the pond she lives in,
the tall trees are her children,
the birds that swim above her
are tied to her by unbreakable string.

A good thing to do: spend a gratitude minute today looking closely at the leaf, the bird, the cloud, a stone to which you are so connected.


White Feather



As Tom Cowan so aptly put it in his book, SHAMANISM AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE FOR DAILY LIFE:

“The search for spiritual can be confusing because ultimately we are seeking a path for the soul, and the soul’s true journey through life often lies hidden in the shadowy landscape just beneath conscious awareness.”

Shamans have been around for 30,000 years, connecting with beings , animals, seasons, elements and forces of life. Through them ancient knowledge has been safeguarded in the our tribal consciousness.

Recently, I attended the Eden Event in West Yellowstone, where Mayan Elder, Don Alejandro spoke. Here was his message:

Click here: Words From Mayan Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw (Wandering Wolf) - CommonPassion


Christian the Lion - the full story


video -- amma

Big Leaf


Animal Pictures



Sometimes you are walking along a path and you are stopped by the goodness of a being or a view. Your breath is taken away by the sheer strength of goodness of some beings. The infinity of giving of the energy, say, of a tree when you lean against it, rest your hands on its barky skin. Or take Amma, for example, the hugging saint.

She starting healing and hugging people when she was around 14, I think.
By now, just through that one act, repeated thousands and thousands of times, she has healed and encouraged giving at a level that has created homes and schools and hospitals and meals for countless people.

They say before the Tsunami, she asked a follower to led the cattle to the hills. The fellow wondered how he was going to lead this big horned bull. But he went up to the bull and touched his head and said “In the arms of Amma,” and the bull and the herd followed him easily. That’s the story anyway.

My grandmother gave me a framed needlepoint instruction once:
Count no day finished
Whose low descending sun
Counts not by thy hand
Some worthy action done.



Now that we know for sure that thought is a half-step away from matter and cells have consciousness and intention counts for so much, healing seems to be getting a whole lot simpler. Blessing someone’s heart with unconditional love can amount to the biggest little operation.

In our minds we put beautiful, golden healing light around a clouded issue, a broken bone. The light we draw from comes from All That Is, now as ever. Divine information is all around us. Look at a leaf. A rain drop.


To the beings and energies that surround us always.

To the beings and energies that surround us always.

Never count yourself alone. You can call upon a number of beings and guides at any time. Trust that. Since all cells, all everything, is connected know the line is open to any energy you wish to contact.

Nature spirits, devas began appearing again to the people at Findhorn after World War II for example. With their help cabbages grew to 35 pounds a head. In gravel!

Angels appear all the time. They help with information. They help us heal each other.

Now is an especially good time because the Divine Feminine energy and the Divine Masculine have once more united to bring balance and peace to the planet.

Let’s see what happens. The more balance, the less conflict, the better the light in our hearts. Don’t even argue if you can avoid it. In case you haven’t noticed, conflict begets conflict. Love begets love.

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Spheres of Light

Very often when healing/energywork is being done, the camera will pick up orbs of light around the room. Here are a few orbs taken at the Eden Event in West Yellowstone, Montana.. (More about the event at )



Saturday, September 6, 2008


Bringing in universal life force energy to nourish us all.

People are hungry to live and be touched in ways they need to grow.

When you throw a stone in a pond, the water ripples outward. The same is true when you make something beautiful, perform an act of goodness and generosity, give a healing touch. All echo outward in our planetary pond, reaching wider and wider. Every movement we make. Every thought we think. Every touch we experience. A heart feels it. A body feels it. A town feels it. A planet. It goes beyond and beyond.

This is what we want to encourage: peaceful, healthful, loving, compassionate and conscious living. We want to open the door to more life force energy in everyone.

This is how we all pay the spirits and our Earth for the beauty of our lives. This is the coinage of the spirit which heals and enriches, which nourishes the lives and souls of all.

We dream of beautiful ripples of light, of growing the planetary garden just a little bit, of renewing our hearts and our spirits.

It starts in the heart.

Thayer and Raven

Long life
Honey in the heart
No evil
13 thank yous
- Ancient Mayan greeting
From Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtel