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Sunday, September 7, 2008

To the beings and energies that surround us always.

To the beings and energies that surround us always.

Never count yourself alone. You can call upon a number of beings and guides at any time. Trust that. Since all cells, all everything, is connected know the line is open to any energy you wish to contact.

Nature spirits, devas began appearing again to the people at Findhorn after World War II for example. With their help cabbages grew to 35 pounds a head. In gravel!

Angels appear all the time. They help with information. They help us heal each other.

Now is an especially good time because the Divine Feminine energy and the Divine Masculine have once more united to bring balance and peace to the planet.

Let’s see what happens. The more balance, the less conflict, the better the light in our hearts. Don’t even argue if you can avoid it. In case you haven’t noticed, conflict begets conflict. Love begets love.

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