Reiki Energy Plus

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Bringing in universal life force energy to nourish us all.

People are hungry to live and be touched in ways they need to grow.

When you throw a stone in a pond, the water ripples outward. The same is true when you make something beautiful, perform an act of goodness and generosity, give a healing touch. All echo outward in our planetary pond, reaching wider and wider. Every movement we make. Every thought we think. Every touch we experience. A heart feels it. A body feels it. A town feels it. A planet. It goes beyond and beyond.

This is what we want to encourage: peaceful, healthful, loving, compassionate and conscious living. We want to open the door to more life force energy in everyone.

This is how we all pay the spirits and our Earth for the beauty of our lives. This is the coinage of the spirit which heals and enriches, which nourishes the lives and souls of all.

We dream of beautiful ripples of light, of growing the planetary garden just a little bit, of renewing our hearts and our spirits.

It starts in the heart.

Thayer and Raven

Long life
Honey in the heart
No evil
13 thank yous
- Ancient Mayan greeting
From Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtel